Imprinted concrete sealing Preston

Pattern Imprinted Concrete has become extremely popular over the last few years 

With an increase seen in the areas of Preston in Lancashire and Liverpool in merseyside .It is a very durable surface and an ideal decorative surface for driveways and patio areas.The of joints means pattern imprinted concrete does not have the problems from weed growth that makes block paving a difficult surface to maintain.

Often it is sold by the installer as low-maintenance ...while this is basically true compared with say block paving it does require a  little ongoing maintenance. We at northwestdriveclean recomen  to re-seal the surface every 3-5 years to keep it in optimum condition.
As far as we know we are the only specialist imprinted concrete restoration company that offers this surface for homeowners in Southport, Liverpool in Merseyside or Preston in Lancashire.

We have the technical knowledge and sspecialist equipment to clean and re-seal pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios in preston lancashire.

Firstly  we completely clean the imprinted concrete and remove any contamination and when it is dry, we can professionally re-seal and re-colour the surface., we can totally transform the look and appearance of the imprinted concrete to make it look very similar to how it was when it was first installed. 

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If you live in SouthportLiverpool in Merseyside or Preston in Lancashire and have an imprinted concrete driveway or patio that needs cleaning and sealing, complete our online enquiry form.

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